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Look at leadership and culture differently.

Your organization has more in it than you currently see. Give your leadership, your culture and your organization the space to develop. Unleash your potential. With an eye to the future and relevance for your stakeholders.
Take a look around you. Take a look at your colleagues. When you went to work this morning what did you see?

What is the experience? What are the facts? How is the organization doing? How are the people in the organization doing? What about the results? What changes are coming our way. What challenges do we face?

We would like to take you to a different perspective. A perspective that is still about the same. Your organisation.

But a way to look at things differently. In the hope and expectation that this will yield new insights. Insights that lead to new possibilities and opportunities. Now and in the future.These others, newer and fruitful perspectives are starting to take some distance.

Therefore, first some general facts about organizations. This is what research tells us:

  • Middle management is mainly concerned with avoiding risk, conflict and responsibility.
  • We use less than 60% of the potential of people in our organization.
  • There is a 30% difference between what we think we do and what we actually do.
  • Leadership and culture appear to be the most important success factors.
Do you recognize any of this. And to what extent have you really been involved with one of these themes in the past year? Or were there other urgent matters?

We develop culture, leadership and management

Together we work on your future from your essence as an organization. By making room for the untapped potential that is also present in you and your organization.
Do you also see that your organization can do more. But that it does not show?

To what extent have you been working on one of these themes in the past year? Or were there other urgent matters?

Let's take another look at your organization. Let's take a look at working in teams.

What research tells us about the key success factors in team collaboration:

  • Psychological safety.
  • Working processes and control
  • Change and learning ability
  • Result orientation
  • Context sensitivity

Have you recently faced problems in cooperation? Within your own team? Or in another team? And you can classify that under one of these factors.

You may not recognize this, or you may find it exaggerated. Or is it very recognizable and confronting. Or observations are slightly different. We can talk about that. Gladly even.

But the real question is what are we going to do about it? How do we get the organization moving again? How do we ensure that people are motivated and full of energy to develop themselves?

How do we ensure that people work together, learn together and perform together?

We are there for professionals, managers, directors and boards.

To talk about their personal and self-conscious leadership. And about their joint leadership task and development issues of their organization.
An organization is a form of cooperation in which we try to achieve more together than we can each do for ourselves. And as a responsible team leader, manager or executive, it is our task to make that happen.

Strengthen that ability to learn and perform at an organizational level. That is the task of integral organizational development. But what you have to do then. There is no immediate answer to that. It takes time and energy to find that answer.

The solution is not there for the taking, because then we would have already done it. In practice, there is complexity and dynamism. Things can be interpreted in many ways, and as we do so we are confronted with changing circumstances.

And when we talk about it, we experience a great deal of ambiguity. By unexpected statements. With contradictory opinions. With matters that we relate to ourselves. Or not, things that we throw away from us

We would like to take a thorough and in-depth look at what is going on with you.

To properly investigate how it works for us now. How do things work? What is the coherence, and where is the difference? What contradictions and conflicts are inherent in this organization? And what connects us to the future? How de we organize things? Which processes work well, and which do not? What is the control philosophy, and does it actually work? How do we treat each other. What is the culture of employees and management? How do we view leadership?

While we research and discover better and better what's going on, we also get to work. Adapt, connect, communicate, learn, change, experiment, fail and move on. We will celebrate successes and experience setbacks. We will be enthusiastic about it, and we will be fed up with it.

Most importantly, we are confronted with ourselves. With the limitations of the organization as a whole, the team and ourselves.

The limitation that how we think, and act determines whether we are able to do the right thing in the future. We organize those limitations ourselves; those limitations are within ourselves. If we embrace those limitations, if we accept them and move on from there, then we can develop into something we never dared to dream of. Then we become the human being, the professional, the leader and the organization that also does the good, the true and the beautiful in the future.

This is possible. By taking on this challenge together. By accepting this development assignment together. By realizing together that we really cannot do otherwise because otherwise everything will remain as it was.

We have the tools and the processes.

Who help you to start your development process based on your own leadership, talent and potential.
Whether it concerns multinationals or startups. Culture and leadership have been cited as the most important factors for the successful development of an organization for more than 10 years.

There is no boardroom in the world where this is not regularly discussed. This is not surprising when we realize how closely our strategic goals and ambitions are related to the ability to change and innovate.
Whether and how we change and innovate is a direct result of our culture and leadership. So understanding that helps us understand what we need to do to strengthen our innovative capacity. So that we are better able to achieve our goals and realize our ambitions.

A clear analysis of culture and leadership provides insight into the strength and potential of the current culture and the leadership present. And it provides insight into the downside of that same culture and leadership.
This helps you make better strategic choices. Whether it concerns rapid interventions in the short term. Or the multi-year strategic development of your organization. A clear and thorough analysis makes the possibilities and limitations of the organization visible.

We have the process of making this analysis together with you. So that you get the desired insight. And you can make informed and informed decisions about the strategic development of your organization. From start-up to multinational. From team to the entire organization. Do not hesitate and understand how we can progress together in the organization.
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De Baaij, Verbeeten & Partners BV Jonkershof 16 6561 AL Groesbeek The Netherlands

We are experienced consultants and project leaders in the field of leadership, culture and organizational development. Consultants with demonstrable knowledge and experience. We design and implement interventions, projects and programs in complex and dynamic environments. Focused on change, development and transformation.
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Marie-José Verbeeten

+31 642 704 910
My strength lies in stimulating the development of people and their organizations.
For this I bring more than 25 years of experience in business and public administration.
I am a bridge builder pur sang who is able to realize the connection and togetherness that is necessary for the future of all those involved.
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René de Baaij

+31 641 924 275
In my work I bring more than 25 years of experience in international business with me.
I like to look at things from both my business administration and my organizational background.
It fascinates me to let people realize their ambitions together. Leadership, management and organizational development are the areas that I focus on most.
As a consultant, project leader and program manager

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De Baaij, Verbeeten & Partners BV
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