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Our unique leadership assessment makes visible what your unconscious potential is. This will help you to develop and put into practice your own unique leadership. With the same assessment, we can also provide insight into the dynamics in a team and the culture of an organization. This also makes it clear to you how your leadership relates to the team and the organization you are part of or lead.

We have the data of more than ten thousand people in management and leadership roles. And can make your leadership visible and see where your unique strength lies.

We are working with the instruments of the Odincompany. We are certified experts of the Odincompany assessments. And we are a certified partner of Odincompany.
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Consults and coaches people looking for deepening and growth in both their personal and professional development, with a focus on leadership and culture.
DBVP animated voices
Designs and implements learning programs in the field of professionalization, leadership, management, and culture with a lot of attention for your personal and professional development.
DBVP clarity of mind
Supports organizations in their development and transformation challenge from a change management and analytical-psychodynamic perspective. The focus is on learn and change capacity based on people's potential.
DBVP ideas in action
Is a professional community of involved professionals who want to further develop the field of organizational development, leadership development and culture from a organizational and analytical-psychodynamic perspective.

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