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Rene de Baaij
+31(0) 641 9242 75
As a consultant, coach, and board member, my passion is to help organizations, teams, and individuals achieve their full potential. 

I aim to develop them into influential professionals and leaders who can change the organization's future. This involves helping people connect with the world around them and giving them direction, perspective, and helping them reach their goals.

My expertise and personality help individuals achieve their leadership potential. This approach presents the opportunity for significant modifications and novel concepts to be implemented within their organizations. I possess a professional background in both business management (encompassing business administration, information technology, and logistics) and organizational development (encompassing organizational psychology and change). In addition, I have extensive experience in strategy, leadership, culture, and innovation, as well as organizational transformation, market expansion, and business growth.

I am naturally inclined towards innovation and connection, and I enjoy exploring the uncharted territories alongside others. Furthermore, I excel in cultivating lasting relationships built on trust, loyalty, and unwavering commitment.

My professional journey has taken me to the Netherlands, Europe, the UK, the US, Asia, India, and Africa. I've worked with many groups and people, from big companies to small businesses, governments to non-profits, heavy industries to finance companies.
Marie-José Verbeeten
+31(0) 642 704 910
My strength lies in stimulating the development of people and their organizations. I am a a typicall bridge builder who knows how to realize the connection and togetherness that is necessary for the future of all involved. Respect and justice for people are paramount.

As a director, HRM manager and Senior HR advisor, I know from experience how unruly daily practice can be. A practice in which we sometimes hurriedly and with insufficient sense of the context pursue our short-term goals. I see it as my role to ensure that processes run in such a way that there is well-considered decision-making, a balanced weighing of interests and a result that everyone involved can agree with.

This may concern, for example, individual case histories in the sphere of labour relations, to policy issues in the field of inflow, mobility, and outflow or employment conditions that apply to an entire organization.

My experience extends from the private to the public sector and from small and medium-sized companies to large concerns.

My background as a lawyer combined with my broad work experience in various sectors and various roles means that I can be effective from multiple perspectives and in multiple situations.
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Consults and coaches people looking for deepening and growth in both their personal and professional development, with a focus on leadership and culture.
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Designs and implements learning programs in the field of professionalization, leadership, management, and culture with a lot of attention for your personal and professional development.
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Supports organizations in their development and transformation challenge from a change management and analytical-psychodynamic perspective. The focus is on learn and change capacity based on people's potential.
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Is a professional community of involved professionals who want to further develop the field of organizational development, leadership development and culture from a organizational and analytical-psychodynamic perspective.

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