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Why we need Action Learning in Export Development

We are finding today another week at the Nigerian Export Promotion Council in Abuja, Nigeria. We worked together with the NEPC Officials and officials of potential exporters on the basic skills of export management.

Asking for feedback they made it clear to us that the interactive nature of our approach combined with the assignments were they tackled their own business issues were valued as most important. The export business issues were addressed in workgroups of NEPC and Company professionals. This group work was considered as essential in the learning process.

Also the group stated that the change of mind set was the most important benefit of the week. They had a lot of passive knowledge already. But the interactive and action learning approach forced them to apply this knowledge and also to search for new answers to old questions.

The assignments given to the groups were they work together between the seminar weeks were also considered as essential. This way people who would normally not meet and discuss relevant issues together were forced to find answers together.

It was a great week, and we will be back. And continue with our action learning approach.

The NEPC program is an initiative of the Dutch Embassy in Nigeria, program management by CBI/RVO, implementation by Jim Fitzpatrick and Rene de Baaij.

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