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unexpected outcomes

The current professional context expects that people are self-aware, communicative, pro-active and problem-solving. We want to see ownership, entrepreneurship, and leadership in an environment that complex, ambiguous and dynamic.

We implement effective processes, systems, procedures, scorecards and reporting. And expect to see a pro-active independent employee. But are these employees capable to make a difference, to work in a self-managed way, to process ambiguous rules and assignments.

The re-action is to do and think precisely that what is not expected. We stick to the old routines, hide behind rules and regulations, end point fingers to others when things go wrong. These are symptoms of the incapability to collectively renew our mental and behavioral patterns. We do not learn from the new situation, but we stick to the old one. Pressure and coaching form the top does not make a difference or even makes things worse.

Experiences form the past have resulted in inflexible relationships and attitudes. Routine based behavioral patterns. And a mind-set that limits or even blocks improvement or renewal. If we want to address certain situations than we need to learn how to communicate with each other. A careful, respectful and constructive dialogue

In this dialogue we are able to connect hard facts with the beliefs and sense-making of people. And we look outside the box. Inside out, outside in and compare this with relevant data.

By close cooperation, using multiple perspectives, end the application of groupwork and communication techniques we are able to create a learning environment. An environment that will be considered as normal after a while. From stagnation to learning. From standing still to innovations.

We are ready to make this happen with you.

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